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Get high ROI with our easy and secured email drive platform. Unleash the potential of your enterprise with powerful and enticing campaigns. opt for predefined templates or produce your own from the scratch, send the content to the suitable customers at the proper time, and watch your results skyrocket. With Click Mapping, you’ll be able to drill down into wherever people clicked in your emails to raised adapt your content.

Whether your commercial enterprise is sending tens, loads or lots of emails, the absolutely controlled Esendex transactional electronic mail provider can assist take the pressure from your transactional electronic mail sends. By operating with our award triumphing Professional Services crew we’ll assist you create tailor-made emails which generate a higher degree of engagement together along with your audience.

What can Webixes Email be used for?

Official notifications



Email is cheaper and fast, however from time to time it doesn’t feel ‘authoritative’ enough, and occasional open quotes may be a challenge. 

By the usage of the Webixes transactional e-mail service, you get the great of automatic e-mail blended with shrewd attachments, so that you can encompass customized letters for every recipient. Sending an SMS to endorse your clients that they’ve obtained an essential message is a notable manner to enhance open quotes, too.


Delivery Notifications


According to a 2016 survey, 83.4% of families need to get hold of statistics approximately the development in their transport.

Email and SMS are their favored way of receiving transport statistics, and with Webixes, you could automate the sending of both. You may even offer caused e-mail and SMS updates if you’re delayed, decreasing the inconvenience to the patron and growing first-strive transport success.

Marketing Notifications


While it’s genuine that e-mail doesn’t have the identical attain because it used to, it’s nevertheless surprisingly powerful for marketing. Esendex Email can force higher consequences via way of means of pulling in more than one CRM data, for a personalized revel in for every customer. It also can be coupled with SMS to splendid effect; e-mail for the detail, SMS for the urgency. Both may be absolutely incorporated together along with your CRM software.

Why Choose Webixes?

Better Engagement

Our customisable platform will allow you to add context to messages by using your customer’s details.

Track campaign success

Reports to display customer interaction with the call flow.

Completely configurable

We can design, develop and deploy an email communication solution specifically for you.

How secure are your email attachments?

For any attachment wherein safety is key, (i.e. account billing, coverage details, contracts etc), our emails upload a further layer of smart safety.

The manner it really works is simple. When a mail recipient gets their e mail they’ll additionally obtain an SMS with a completely unique passcode. The attachment is then selected, the passcode entered – and that’s it!