Chats with Google’s Business Messages

Turn search consequences into chat possibilities when you set up intuitive, reliable, and interactive chat on Google Search, Maps, or your personal channels. Let your clients attain you at any time and from somewhere when they search for answers.

Rich Messages

Engage customers more and guide them to what they need using a full pack of rich features including carousels, suggested replies, and images.


Track your messaging performance, let customers know your average wait time, and keep tabs on your average response time – because every minute counts.


Use Google’s built-in survey tool to collect feedback immediately after a conversation has ended. Learn about your customers’ experience to improve future interactions.


Set up initial branded messages with conversation starters and suggested replies to quickly onboard your customers.


Build a chatbot to answer the most frequently asked questions directly on Google’s Business Messages, with the option to transfer to live agents without losing conversation history or context.

Webixes Conversations

Manage all your Google’s Business Messages from a unified workspace where your team can access conversation history, customer profiles, message templates, and more to provide personalized support.

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