Improvements the easy SMS with wealthy media, interaction, and analytics. Increase engagement, enhance patron experience, and growth verbal exchange quotes via way of means of leveraging the ability of RCS Business Messaging. Branding, consider marks, wealthy cards, carousels, encouraged responses, and motion buttons also are added, presenting large opportunities to scale at the side of evolving patron possibilities for interacting together along with your brand.


Local Government

Nearby Governments need to carefully plan a way to successfully interact with each of their audience demographics, to make certain all messages reach their vacation spot. RCS can assist with this through growing engagement tiers, even as on the equal time saving prices.


RCS is able to provide enhanced engagement with patients, with the purpose of permitting them to perform many obligations independently, which might have formerly required an interplay with a healthcare consultant.

Property & Estate agents

With RCS, property organizations may be capable of upload a lot some distance richer content than ever earlier than to their client interactions. The end result of this being that in–house dealers will should spend less time on the smartphone talking with potential clients, which in turn frees them as much as consciousness on different responsibilities.


The various formerly guide tactics undertaken by way of utility carriers can now be computerized in a wealthy and sensible manner by means of the use of RCS.

Which means that carriers can expect to lessen the pressure on their in-house assets, and additionally offer extra convenient gear for customers to access services.


Vendors could be capable of advantage “verified sender” reputation, with the intention to help eradicate unsolicited mail and reassure clients that interactions are not from fraudulent assets.

Set-up branded, automated interactions with clients, the use of gear like buttons and connected charge facilities – all of which help to sell self-carrier.


Stores ought to do all they are able to to keep a aggressive side – and being able to send richer, mobile centered communications to their clients is going to be a huge part of their destiny fulfillment.
RCS will play a huge part on this, by means of delivering completely branded interactions without delay to the purchaser’s default messaging utility.

What are the features of RCS Messaging?

Verified sender

Reassure the patron that they are really speaking with the professional emblem.

Customisable branding

Use organisation emblems, colors and fonts to help create a greater familiar messaging surroundings.

Response buttons

Consist of advised actions and replies through easy buttons, which shop time and create a extra particular interaction.

Rich content

Ship photos and rich playing cards for a greater attractive message that could help boom conversion costs.

Campaign tracking

Permit customers to learn and optimize their messaging techniques via delivery and read receipts

Employ in a multichannel strategy

Combine with other Webixes channels for a comprehensive communication strategy.

What are you sending to non-Android customers?

On the time of release, RCS will usually be supported with the aid of Android handsets. which means customers the use of Apple iPhone received’t be capable of get hold of RCS messages the usage of their local messaging app.


But that doesn’t imply that groups gained’t be able to ship rich content material to all in their clients as a part of the same campaign. Our platform can perceive users capable of receiving RCS messages, with fail safe channels like landing Pages and cell trips for individuals who can’t. Our platform makes positive the satisfactory possible rich content material experience is obtained with the aid of a hundred in step with cent of your customers.

So what are the benefits of RCS Messaging?

Lower cost of customer service

Integrate an intelligent chatbot for basic customer queries.

Improved customer retention

Offer your customers a more engaging, personalised journey.

More trusted messaging service

Featuring verified user and branding ID credentials, reducing spam messages.

Actionable engagement data

Status-based read receipts for improved tracking of your rich.

Richer communication

Include images and videos to improve customer engagement.

Improved brand perception

Win a competitive advantage by adopting the latest technology.

Fail-safe SMS landing page

With Webixes, you have a fall-back option of an SMS landing page.

Universal platform

RCS will be featured on all Android handsets without needing a download.

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